Spend a longer and more joyous time with your dog―.

A Patented functional material SPAORE® x TERAQOL’s PETAPLUS “YORISOU Collar”
uses the world’s first processing technology which supports the health of your precious pet.


Continuously support your dog's health

"PETAPLUS" is a pet goods brand that was born to contribute to the health of pets.
Patented with a functional material that has been introduced in many apparel products and contributes to human health.
With "SPAORE®" as the main focus, we are developing products that support the movement of aging pets

I want to enjoy time with my dog even in old age...

But is "PETAPLUS" really effective?

First, take a look at this video.

“Owner's review”

Before wearing the PETAPLUS "YORISOU Collar", my dog was struggling to get up in the morning and had difficulty standing up, but now my dog is able to stand up quickly.
My dog’s legs were unstable and his body was shaking when he was standing, so he rarely shook the water off his own fur, but now he is able to shake the water off more often.
He now bumps into things less often, his hind legs can bend. He is so energetic that he is mischievous.
I am grateful for YORISOU Collar.
It looks like he will live a longer and healthier life.

We are continuously receiving
positive comments from others.

positive comments

What is SPAORE?

What is the patented functional material used in PETAPLUS called SPAORE®?


SPAORE® is a composite ore powder that contains several types of hot spring ores and organic grain charcoal.
This base material emits mild electromagnetic waves.
The electromagnetic waves and the radiation performance of the organic charcoal act on the nervous system and blood flow, exerting various effects.
The effect of improving physical functions by mild electromagnetic waves is called the "hormesis effect".


The Three expected effects of SPAORE® are,


Blood circulation promotion & fatigue recovery

The natural and gentle radiant heat emitted by the hot spring ore and organic coal promotes extensive blood flow. Recovery from fatigue can be expected by improving blood circulation. General medical device registered.

Blood circulation promotion & fatigue recovery

Relaxation effect

Disturbed nerves are conditioned, the switch to the parasympathetic dominance is smooth. This enables the body to counter cortisol levels and effectively release stress from the cells.

Patent Pending (2021 212987)

Relaxation effect

Stabilizes the core and the center of gravity

By adjusting the nerve ends, and stabilizing the core we estimate that it will increase balance and reduce the risk of falling.

Patented (Patent No. 6802940)

Stabilizes the core and the center of gravity

With the world's first patented TERAQOL processing technology, PETAPLUS's “YORISOU collar”  has a long lasting effect.

TERAQOL® is a frequency technology that activates all substances and sustains their potential over a long period of time.

TERAQOL® is the world's first frequency technology that Japan developed from Aquadesign.
It transforms properties that make up all liquid and solid materials by activating and resonating the "electrons".
Regardless of whether they are liquids or solids, by adding specific frequencies according to the purpose of use based on hybrid waves and resonance, which vibrate 1 trillion to 10 trillion times per second, we activate and improve the potential to reform substances.
The most important feature of TERAQOL® technology is that it has long-lasting effects and changes.
This technology can not only contribute to improving the competitiveness of different companies, but also contribute to solving global environmental issues such as food loss and marine pollution.


1 Increase potential

By amplifying the eigen body vibrations present in all substances, the functions of the material itself are further amplified.

Increase potential

2 The far infrared rays warms the body from within.

With 86.4% infrared emissivity, it is able to activate the core from the inside.

The far infrared rays warms the body from within.

3 Relieves tension in the mind and body

The mind and body are able to relax by reducing the "beta waves" emitted from the brain due to stress and tension.

Relieves tension in the mind and body

Maximize the effects with SPAORE® x TERAQOL®

YORISOU Collar uses mild electromagnetic waves to adjust nerve disturbances and support your pet's health

* TERAQOL® is a quantum wave. Anything smaller than an atom is defined as a quantum.
TERAQOL® acts on areas smaller than atoms. The double processing of SPAORE® and TERAQOL® is expected to create a synergistic effect of each function.


PETAPLUS "YOROSOU Collar" is available in 4 ifferent sizes. It can be used by both small and large dogs!


Neck 17〜25cm

Sales price 8,800yen


Neck 23〜35cm

Sales price 8,800yen


Neck 32〜45cm

Sales price 9,350yen


Neck 43〜58cm

Sales price 9,900yen



Sales price 8,8008,8009,3509,900yen

Made in Japan

Spend a healthier and longer precious time with your dog.

Combining, PET (PET), PETA (Peta/above Giga, Tera), and PLUS, equals "PETAPLUS".

It was developed with a wish to "dramatically increase the life span of our pets".

We want our dogs and cats to spend a long time in good health as a member of the family.


What would you like to do with your dog when your dog can walk again?

Although we love our dogs more as they get older, there are quite a few owners who have a hard time caring for their aging dogs.

They are not energetic, have walking disorders such as knuckling, dogs that can't stand when defecating, older dogs with symptoms such as osteoarthritis, etc...

Please try this product "PETAPLUS"!


Here are just a few of our positive reviews.

I can feel improvement little by little.

My dog has prostate cancer and cannot walk. I tried using PETAPLUS "YORISOU Collar". It's looking great.
I put it on overnight, and the next morning his legs were stronger and he was able to walk. After a few days of it, he was able to walk briskly. I'm so happy.
Until now, he couldn't lift his hind leg when peeing, but after I put on the PETAPLUS "YORISOU Collar", he was able to raise his leg. You can see that he is improving little by little.
The collar reflects the lights of cars and bicycles, so it is safe to take walks on the road at night. It is hard solid and there are D-rings, so I think it would be nice to have a softer neckband that can be easily wrapped around in the house.
I'm looking forward to it.


My dog is now able to sit on his own.

From the age of 16 REE-chan has been continuously sick.
REE-chan suffers from vestibular disease, polyps in the stomach, and kidney disease, and began going to the hospital constantly. I was afraid to see REE-chan getting weaker day by day, and it was heartbreaking to watch.
Before wearing the PETAPLUS "YORISOU Collar", he slept all day and defecated in his diapers. As you can see in the image, you can see that he is tense to the tips of his limbs. I haven’t been able to see him relaxed while sleeping. I didn’t see change immediately after wearing the PETAPLUS "YORISOU Collar". I couldn't tell any changes because he didn't want to move.
But on the second day, there were small changes, such as trying to stretch his body and relieving a little tension in his limbs. And after 10 days, he was able to sit on his own as shown in the image. This is the moment when the whole family was surprised and smiled!
Since he was bedridden and his muscles had weakened, his front legs were wide open, but I felt a positive response.
It's been a few months since Ive given up on him, but I think he is regaining his confidence and a sparkle in his eyes I haven't seen in a long time.


I also feel that my dog's barking has improved.

My dog hasn’t been able to stand up using his hind legs for a few months. I have been doing my best to make it easier for him to walk on his own as much as possible by supporting his hips, and by making rubber covers with socks to prevent his feet from slipping. But in the end, we needed to use a wheelchair.
After using PETAPLUS "YORISOU Collar" I felt that his speed increased.
Also, his loose stools have been considerably better(eliminated). I also feel that his mornings are easier and his bark has become stronger. Since forming a tumor, I hope that it too can be resolved by the effects of SPAORE® and TERAHERTZ. There may not be any changes anytime soon, but I will continue to monitor them.


My dog can now move its hind legs without almost any discomfort.

Before wearing the PETAPLUS "YORISOU Collar", he had knuckling on his right hind leg due to the after-effects of a bone operation. He walks with his knuckling leg raised or with a side step followed with a delay in raising his hind legs.
After wearing the collar for about half an hour, he started jumping on a chair he never jumped on before.
After a few days, he was able to happily perform tunnel jumps and move his hind legs and sidestep with little discomfort. Previously, his hind legs were lagging and he was gradually turning sideways. He still knuckles, but he walks less with his legs up and when he sits he can sit with his legs together. The design is also fashionable and you can choose the color, and it is good that the collar alone can be used for talking walks too.


When I saw my dog stand up in front of me, tears fell from my eyes.

Non-chan, who hasn’t been an able to move and has been struggling for months, began to move her hind legs on the floor by the third day. On the fifth day, I could visibly see that her hind legs were stronger.
Every day, I focused on warming her lower body with a hot water bottle and massaged her hind legs so that she could stand firmly.
I did my best in her rehabilitation! As a result, on the 13th day of PETAPLUS "YORISOU Collar", she stood upon her own!!!
The muscles of her hind legs were still weak and shaking, but when I saw Non-chan standing up, at first I couldn’t believe it, but seeing her standing up in front of me, I was brought to tears.
It's been six months since I’ve seen her lively face. She isnt able to walk smoothly yet, but we are still rehabilitating every day.


“PETAPLUS" was developed together with healthcare professionals.

“PETAPLUS" was developed together with healthcare professionals.
By using SPAORE®, “PETAPLUS" it is expected to deliver commands from the brain to every corner of the body, improve swaying, and expand muscle range of motion and smoothing nerve transmission.
We are developing it with the cooperation of medical professionals.

Supervised by Ph.D. Nobusada Shinoura,
Director of Department of Neurosurgery,
Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome Hospital

YORISOU Collar is being developed under the supervision of Dr. Shinoura, a medical doctor, and specialist in brain and neurology. While checking the changes in the autonomic nerves due to the product and the condition of the hypothalamus, which is the center of the autonomic nerves, we receive various advice from different medical perspectives.

篠浦伸禎 医学博士
元 都立駒込病院脳神経外科部長
篠浦伸禎 医学博士

Please enjoy time with "PETAPLUS" for both people and dogs.

PETAPLUS "YOROSOU Collar" is available in 4 ifferent sizes. It can be used by both small and large dogs!


Neck 17〜25cm

Sales price 8,800yen


Neck 23〜35cm

Sales price 8,800yen


Neck 32〜45cm

Sales price 9,350yen


Neck 43〜58cm

Sales price 9,900yen



Sales price 8,8008,8009,3509,900yen

Made in Japan

For dogs and cats who are sensitive to the cold and have a weak stomach,



The TERAHERTZ ore is blended into the fibers

PETAPLUS HARAMAKI is a hybrid stomach band. Superior-processed TERAHERTZ ore is kneaded into the fibers. TERAHERTZ ore is effective in anti-aging and immune activation. In addition to supporting walking of pets weakened by old age, injury, or illness, mild electromagnetic waves are emitted from the belly wrap and gentle radiant heat supports the health of dogs and cats! Also, it is not stressful when worn for a long time, and is perfect for animals with hernias and weak stomachs.

[Color] RED / GRAY







[Color] BLACK



Is it okay to leave it on all the time?

Yes, it is okay.
Essentially, it is designed to be used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, if you experience a rash, discomfort, or other abnormalities, please stop using it and watch the condition for a couple days. Consult a doctor if the abnormalities persist.

My dog is 17 years old, is it still effective?

In the past use by monitors and humans (seniors and the elderly), we have received many comments that their movement becomes smoother.
Transmission signals from the brain are sent throughout the body via nerve fibers, but these transmission signals weaken due to aging and overwork.
In other words, poor neural conditioning occurs. SPAORE® smoothes signal transmission by stimulating these nerves.

My dog has valvular heart disease, are there any problems with wearing it?

Please consult your physician before use.

On which part of it is most effective?

It is processed inside the main frame so that it is not affected by weather such as rain or wind.

It's too long, is it ok to cut it by myself?

Do not modify it.
Each function is designed to maximize its performance, so please do not modify it yourself.

Is SPAORE® safe?

Yes, it is safe. The SPAORE® emits very mild electromagnetic waves, which have various effects.
The word "electromagnetic wave" may seem dangerous, but the important point is the intensity.
SPAORE® utilizes natural hot spring ores, and their electromagnetic waves are equivalent to those found in nature.
In other words, it is a "good electromagnetic wave".
On the other hand, artificial electromagnetic waves, such as microwave ovens and mobile phone radio waves, are said to be "bad electromagnetic waves".


Yes, it is safe. TERAHERTZ is located between radio waves and light, and exists in nature.
TERAHERTZ is widely adopted in the beauty industry because it deters aging by removing active oxygen.
In addition, terahertz waves are emitted from living creatures such as humans and animals, and it is said that they are maximized when they are babies, and their output decreases as they become adults, and they stop emitting as they get older.

Do you have any products for humans?

Yes. The human version is already on sale in advance. For more information, please visit the official website here.
■ colobany official website
■ Colobany official sales website

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